Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Totally Tisch

I had a lovely Monday evening at the Tisch Gala, honoring: Joan Tisch, Billy Crudup '94, Richard Vague, David Liu '87 & Carley Roney. Joan Tisch did a lot of fundraising for the NYU Tisch school of the arts and her family even went on stage and sang the start of a broadway song, then the professionals joined in. David Liu and Carley Roney are the founders of and Billy Crudup was in movies like Big Fish and Almost Famous. I also saw a few other famous folks, like Jesse L. Martin '91, part of the original Rent cast, he was also in the movie version, Ethan Hawke, and Alec Baldwin. We said hello to Jesse, and I took a picture with a couple of my co-workers standing with him. When my friend Erin went to say hello to Mr. Martin, I of course went to grab my camera and they were already posing and ready, so being flustered I must have turned the camera to the wrong setting and it wouldn't take the picture! Then I figured it out, but for a second there I was worried that I didn't have a memory card in the camera or something silly like that. I'd only taken my little point and shoot camera, which I haven't been using as much lately, and of course all my photography class knowledge went out of my head. Oh well, a snapshot was good enough. The reason I got to go was because Sony had donated money so we got a table with all kinds of good food and drinks, and tickets to the show. Even with the Broadway strike the cast of Spring Awakening performed a couple numbers for us.
Afterward since I was already in Times Square, I went to retake some pictures that I somehow lost from last Saturday. It was a very nice evening.
From Veteran's Day...

Tonight was a volleyball game and we had a lot of the team show up, so I made everyone pose for a team picture. We lost all three games, but i thought we did pretty well considering that we were playing the number 1 team in our league.

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