Saturday, December 8, 2007


So the latest Sony Bravia ad from Europe came out in October. The first two were "Bouncy Balls" and "Paint" the latest one is called "Play-Doh." I don't know if I've mentioned any of these before, but they're definitely worth checking out on youtube. My favorite is probably one of the first two. I think it's especially cool that they don't use any CGI. If you search around you can find the "making of" videos and those are interesting too. Anyway,this post is about the last one. Play-Doh has a bunch of bunnies jumping around NYC in one of the "most ambitious" claymations ever done. Through our connections we were able to get some of these bunnies since we do claymation workshops at Sony Wonder Technology Lab where I work. So for Christmas someone came up with the plan to give my boss's boss a calendar with picutres of all the staff with the bunnies in various poses. At some point I volunteered to be the photographer, so here are some of the shots that may end up getting used. I told my boss that I wanted a bunny for Christmas but she said it wasn't possible, I still have my fingers crossed that I'll find a way to get one, maybe e-bay has some.


  1. I LOVE IT! Will there be more than one of these calendars produced? And why aren't you in one of the pictures?

  2. I will eventually be in one of these pictures. We can order a calendar if we like for ourselves. The funny part that not everyone will get is that everyone's pose is appropriate for who they are or what they do at work.


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