Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Photo Project

This is the photo project Adrienne and I did the day after thanksgiving. We traded off camera responsibilities throughout the day. I am looking forward to doing another of a more typical day in the life of Oliver, but this was an excellent first try I think. I hope everyone enjoys it!


  1. Hurry up and move here! I'm eager to babysit!

    p.s. you use the word "fluff" a lot in your captions, and every time I read it it made me think of the, uh, not-so-clean meaning of the word. changes the captions ENTIRELY when you think of them that way.

  2. I am kind of making fun of the instructions that came with the tree which impressed upon us the importance of fluffing...never really thought about it the other

  3. LOL, I especially like the Oliver digging in the toy box pictures. I keep showing him off to everyone. I had my camera with my at work today and I showed all my coworkers :) If I'm this bad now, I think people will have to run away when I have my own kid.

  4. That's ok honey, our kid will be really ugly and you'll be embarrassed to show it around. Get it in while the gettin's good :)


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