Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Two Armed Drifting Bandit!

Scott's big project that all his PhD work thus far has been building up to is writing a grant which he finished tonight! Hurray for Scott! He's been putting in some long hours and weekends in the office to get this done. He had me proof read it and I am learning all kinds of things. I always knew that he worked with monkeys, but I learned that he makes them very happy monkeys. Basically they give them virtual cocaine by stimulating their dopamine area. He is also running this very cool sounding task. It's a two armed drifting bandit task! It sounds exciting doesn't it? I think it's actually just a bunch of categorical words shoved together, but I'm trying to get into all this neuroscience mumbo jumbo. It also sounds like it should be included in a punch line somehow. What do you get if you stick a robber with two guns in a boat?..... A two armed drifting bandit! Ok so I shouldn't write jokes for a living, or draw things, but at least I can be easily entertained :)


  1. lol two armed drifting bandit..hehehe

  2. oh no no. oh no. i'll only come to your stand up shows if i can sit way, way in the back.


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