Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday Soiree

I'm going to make this quick, though I haven't posted in awhile. I have been doing pretty much the same thing everyone else has, which is shopping and planning for travel and holiday-ness. I went to my company Christmas party, which is nice. The only drawback is that we aren't allowed to bring a guest, so Scott didn't get to come. It's held at the St. Regis Hotel with a very nice food spread and open bar. It's funny because we all end up dancing with colleagues, and I'm probably one of the youngest employees so I don't feel intimidated on the dance floor. Every year our CEO hands out raffle prizes and everyone is wearing lovely yellow wristbands that give them entrance to the party along with their raffle number. So we're all staring at our yellow wristbands waiting for our number to be called. I did hand out the wristbands and when I handed my coworker Derek his I told him it was a winner and it was! Except he didn't get the 40" flat screen he got the CD gift set. Oh well I didn't promise him the best prize. Anyway, I decided I wouldn't take my camera but other people had theirs there, so here are some pictures. Oh yeah, I also got my hair cut. We're heading to Iowa on Sunday and New Mexico the day after Christmas. So we've got lots of travel. I'll cross my fingers that the weather holds.
From Holiday Party...
The St. Regis Ballroom, so very gilded. These are a couple of my work friends. The girl with dark hair is our volleyball team captain.

From Holiday Party...
This is the corp comm department. That's my boss in the pink jacket next to the CEO of Sony, Howard Stringer.

From Holiday Party...

This is most of the accounting department who also happen to be a good portion of the softball team.

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  1. You look gorgeous!! Can I borrow your shirt? :)


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