Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays to everyone. Scott and I are in Iowa enjoying a ton of card games and food with his mom and grandparents. It's pretty frigid here, but luckily we flew in Sunday, which was the day after their big snowstorm. I noticed that they'd had so much wind and snow that the parking garage had about an inch of snow all the way in the center of it and it's completely covered by a roof. Brrrr. We got some nice presents including yet more food and Scott got a toy transformer. I think that was his favorite :) The airline lost Scott's bag but got mine here ok, even though we had a 3 hour layover on the connection. But I was pretty impressed that they drove it out to us that same night by 11:30 even though we're over an hour away from the airport. Otherwise, Scott would have had to wear some of the "authentic western wear" we found at a local Ponida store. We're on to New Mexico early tomorrow. I hope you're all well and you'll have to comment about your favorite gift from this year!


  1. favorite gift:
    gold lame steering wheel cover from my sister. now i just need some spinners for my hubcaps!

  2. favorite gift: my canon DSLR I am a spoiled brat I am up to 200 pics in less than 2 days haha.

  3. Sounds like everyone had a good time. Hannah, I expect to see some of those 200 pictures very soon!

  4. We're here in NM Give us a call! 480.204.1565!! We're heading up to Colorado Tomorrow to do some Snow tubing!


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