Thursday, January 24, 2008

Staff Photographer

So apparently I've become the staff photographer. I got a call yesterday afternoon from a co-worker who wanted me to bring my camera in so I could take a couple headshots for them today. I really liked this picture. I was joking with him trying to get him to give me a more relaxed smile. Of course it's not professsional enough, but it's my favorite of the bunch aside from a couple technical details, but I can always find things I'd like to improve on.
From Head Shots LD KS

I definitely admire my friends over at Largo Photography for their talent at making people comfortable in front of the camera. I think that's probably one of the hardest things once you've got the technical aspects down. Here's the one he actually used. They didn't turn out too bad considering it was indoors and I had 5 minutes and no outlets for the lights I tried to bring.
From Head Shots LD KS

I'm still trying to figure out a way to get more camera equipment. I especially need an off camera flash. The one that comes with the camera just doesn't cut it. I'm saving up the babysitting money, I just have to find time to babysit!
From Head Shots LD KS

I have Big Brothers Big Sisters, Soccer and now Class on an upcoming Thursday. I forget if I mentioned that I am planning to get a certificate in Web Design at NYU, so I signed up for class. It's only six classes and I think it's a very beginning level certificate, but I figured I'd better just start at the beginning. I have self taught myself different parts of things so I'm probably a beginner at some things and more advanced at others. I tend to do things that way and then I get pretty far along before someone mentions something basic that I never even knew. Like Math, in school I was pretty good so they put me in advanced classes, and I learned all the hard math, but I never learned how to add/divide/multiply fractions. I can figure it out when I need to, but I learned my lesson. I am excited to take classes, I would be a career student if I could.

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  1. Don't do it! Being a career student has definite downsides :)


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