Monday, January 21, 2008

Trying to See People

I've been looking out for interesting people. It's tough to get them as they walk by, but here are a couple people who I managed to get shots of. The first is a guy who's been standing in front of the train station handing out some sort of flyer every morning. I always wonder about people who get to dress up in costume for their job. I don't know that it's any more effective than just having a plain person hand out flyers. People in New York have perfected the art of walking by without taking anything. This guy seems to somewhat enjoy his job though, he stands there sometimes with a Lady Liberty.

The second guy was in a Burger King in Jersey City. It was an odd Burger King experience with people working there who couldn't have cared less that Scott and I were standing there. I think we waited about 5 minutes at the front of the line for them to finish their conversation and take our order. Then they called a number and the person behind me got their food (#117) before the guy who was at least 3 people in front of us. When they called the number I pointedly looked at him, like hey it's this guy's turn for food. The BK staff finally looked over and asked his number (#113) and said "oh" and turned around and picked up his probably cold food and handed it to him. We were some of the only people in the place. The old men in between #113 and us were quirky as well. I think they must have walked over from the retirement home. Elderly people are just so quirky, I love to watch them go through the motions of habits they must have gained through hundreds of repetitions. I'm guessing Burger King was this guy's Saturday treat or something like that.


  1. We had actually sat down next to one of the other old people so Adrienne could get a surreptitious shot of the one guy, but then she forgot to turn of the flash and the old guy next to us got up and moved two tables down. It might have been because of the flash, but he could have had space issues too. It's hard to tell with these old guys.

  2. I took surreptitious pictures of President Crow when I was up in the President's Box at an ASU football game. Then I was messing with the camera and NOT trying to take a picture, but it accidentally went off and flashed right in his face. He was none too happy.


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