Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Apparently I look very French. I was in the elevator today and someone asked me if they could ask me a strange question. Of course I said yes since I love strange questions. It would have been kind of funny if I'd said no though, as if I were afraid of strange-ness. Anyway, the guy asked me if I was from France. "I'm not from France" I said, "but strangely enough I get that question a lot." Ok, well I don't get it alot, but I've been asked that at least two other times by random people. Once was when I worked at the movie theater in Farmington when I was in High School and this guy in a camouflage jacket asked if I was French, and when I said no he started to insist that I must be. I didn't really know how to argue with someone about me being French, so I just kind of smiled and nodded as I handed over his large Diet Dr. Pepper. Another time some guy at a party started telling me that they knew all about me though I'd never met him. So I asked him what he knew, and his opening statement was that I was French, when I said I wasn't, he was sure that I had French ancestry or something. Nothing against the French really, but I wasn't really sure how to take that comment in the elevator today either. I asked the guy why he thought so and he said it was my face and the fact that I'm thin and my haircut. But what do you say? Is that a compliment? Guy- "You're French looking" Me- "Thank you"... or "No I'm not" or....."That's nice."...."How lovely" You get the point. Maybe just "That's interesting" would be a better response. For the record my Dad's family ancestry is from Spain and my Mother's is German with probably something like a sixteenth Cherokee mixed in along with some possible Scottish blood. Basically I'm an American Mutt.

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