Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow Yes! Cold NO

Yesterday was another volleyball game and our team definitely rallied with two wins out of three games, with the last game a very close 17-16 loss. Maybe someday we'll get back to the glory days when we were champions. It was also freezing cold yesterday 16 degrees but with windchill it felt liek -3 degrees. I do not like the cold, but I do like the snow! I wish we'd had more of it this winter. This afternoon was the first snow to even stick to the ground so far. People that I talk to say NYC winters used to be full of snow. I honestly think global warming is catching up to us fast. The winters that I've lived through so far have been relatively mild. It was even 60 degrees just last week! They say an effect of global warming is temprature extremes and this weather definitely fits the bill. Anyway, I had fun walking home in the snow tonight. I even tried to get a few shots on my walk home, though it was cold and dark out so it wasn't necessarily the best conditions. When I got home the neighborhood kids were out playing and building a snowman while it lasted. Tomorrow supposed to be back up into the mid 40s so it will all melt away soon. I played around with some photoshop filters and techniques. I'm brushing up for my class tomorrow, Photoshop Fundamentals.
From 2008_02_12 Snow
From 2008_02_12 Snow
From 2008_02_12 Snow

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