Monday, February 18, 2008

Pretty Much the Usual

Scott and I have been doing our usual variety of things lately. I played soccer on Valentine's Day and we had a nice night out on Friday. There's a coffee shop near Scott's work called Think coffee that is pretty much the stereotypical village hipster coffee shop. They had a band from Bolivia playing and I almost felt like I should snap my fingers instead of clapping. Some things really are the way they show it in the movies. My commute is one of those things. Everyone squashes into the train and hurries on their way pushing and shoving other people out of the way.
From 2008_02_18
Ok, not everyone pushes and shoves but some mornings it feels that way. Even with all that I think I will miss my commute when we leave the city eventually. Being forced to walk is good for me, and sitting on a train is a million times better than sitting in traffic in a car. I don't see how other cities make do without train systems. Walking home today the sky was reverse colored. Usually the dark blue is at the top, but the foreboding clouds made the horizon much darker than the sky.
From 2008_02_18
I almost made it home safe by walking fast, but I did get caught in a little bit of the downpour. It's always a trade-off with weather. If you take an umbrella in the morning you have to carry it around, and every ounce counts when you can only take to work what you can carry, but if you don't take the umbrella you run the risk of getting wet. It depends on the day, but I usually take my chances.


  1. You're going to miss New York? Well, I'll make sure we stay here at least eight more years then, ok?

  2. I didn't say I'd miss New York I said I'd miss the public transportation. Let's be clear here.


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