Thursday, February 21, 2008

Not Really Adrienne Pictures

(Photo courtesy Stak Images)

I was sitting here thinking that I loved pictures, and I've spent too much time with kids lately because the retort "Why don't you just marry them" came to mind. Which is probably fairly accurate. If I hadn't found Scott I'd probably have to have just married a camera :) Poor Scott probably thinks I love pictures more than him sometimes when I drag him out into the 30 degree weather to go take pictures after responding to a random Craigslist add looking for models to help build their portfolio. I hate the cold, but my love of pictures trumped even that. So last Sunday we tramped out to Brooklyn Bridge park for some pictures with Stak Images, a couple of guys who are trying to get into the business. I still have an undying loyalty for the best photographers ever over at Largo Photography who've had some tough times lately after a home invasion, my thoughts go out to them.
I was sorry to have missed the eclipse last night, I was in Photoshop class and it slipped my mind when I got out. Good thing Miss Sarah Mapes caught it with her excellent photography skills.(Photo courtesy Sarah Mapes)

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