Monday, February 25, 2008


I went to the Met today for an outreach, which involves standing at a table with flyers about SWTL and telling all the hundreds of educators who came by about the workshops that I do with the kids and our other offerings. While I was there I saw someone who used to be the director of SWTL, she was there promoting the place where she now works (a botanical garden.) She was showing off her very neat looking application for her doctoral degree which she had made into a book. So I asked her where she'd printed it and she told me about this website called Basically it's a website that you can print your own books at, which I've seen before, but for some reason this inspired me. I noticed a mention of SoFoBoMo which stands for Solo Photo Book Month. Basically the concept is that you start and finish a book in a month at the same time that a whole bunch of other people are doing the same thing. I would really love to participate because it is good motivation to actually get something done and it would be fun. It would be neat if other people I know like Sarah and her sister Lindy and Hannah and the folks at Largo Photography all participated and made their own books. If you follow the link to the SoFoBoMo page it even explains that you don't even have to print your book, though it would be a shame not to since it's not terribly expensive. I like the idea for myself anyway, I'm going to have to put some major thought into what type of book I would make that I could get done in a month. I thought it might be fun to do a month of taking advantage of New York culture. Kind of make it a New York for working New Yorkers type book. That might be tough though, I'll have to think about it more. Anyone want to join?


  1. oh fun! i'll have to think about what my topic would be. maybe i can help you take advantage of ny culture in LESS THAN A MONTH!!

  2. whoo hooo! I can't wait. Now I'm thinking to scale it down to something like discarded drink containers. hehe

  3. or people sleeping in public? what happened to that topic? also, what happened to your interesting person of the week thing?

  4. where are you?? it's been more than a week since you posted! i need my ri-cap blog fix!

  5. Yeah, I haven't even seen you this week, so how am I supposed to figure out what's going on in your life.



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