Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Grr, I'm currently battling the IRS over taxes they say I owe but I know I don't. The person I talked to at the IRS said "oh wow, that's not right, you've got your work cut out for you." when I explained the situation to her and why it wasn't right. I love how the responsibility falls to me to fix this mistake. It's like I'm guilty until proven innocent. Grrr. Alright, rant over.
I've got Volleyball tomorrow and Big Brothers Big Sisters. My "little" Shaniqua finally got to meet Scott today. That was exciting since she got to be excited about our engagement and all but hadn't ever met him. I also got to hang out with her because we went to a movie scoring recording session at NYU. It was pretty neat to see. They had the orchestra up on the stage in front of a screen where they showed the movie, then the conductor had on headphones that had clicks going in time to the movie, to help them conduct the music just right. You could definitely see/hear a huge difference when the music hit the scenes at just the right spots vs when the music was off. These were all music scores written by NYU students for some animations or films written and produced by NYU students.

Signing off with some trivia:
The IRS, deals directly with more Americans than any other institution, public or private. It also is one of the world's most efficient tax agencies. In 2000, the IRS collected more than $2 trillion in revenue and processed 226 million tax returns. It also had the lowest cost/collection ratio since 1954.

How much do you think it costs taxpayers for each $100 collected by the IRS?

A) $10
B) $2.45 Incorrect: The correct answer is C
C) 39 cents
D) 89 cents

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