Monday, March 17, 2008

Luck O' The Irish

From 2008_03_17
I started out the day in my usual haze of morning fog. I didn't really pay attention to what shirt I had put on until I heard someone on the news say Happy St. Patrick's Day. When I looked down and saw that I chose my green shirt to wear I thought, huh that's pretty lucky. I got my annual review today and it was super good, which made me very excited so Scott and I went out to dinner to celebrate. We had some really good guacamole and drinks and when the bill came I checked it and the waitress took my card. When she came back I saw that for some reason she had only put half the correct amount on the card so of course I told her right away so she could fix it. For some reason that seems to happen to me every once in awhile and I'm always honest about it, which usually pays off. One time the manager gave me a complimentary bottle of wine. This time our waitress just said thank you. Scott and I wandered over to our train station and tried to sprint down the stairs and only managed to get there just as our train was pulling away. When the trains pull into and out of the tunnel they create a wind tunnel effect and everthing blows everywhere. I thought I heard a shout and looked in the direction of it and saw a bill floating away. I hurried to stomp on it thinking someone's dollar was about to blow on to the train tracks where it would be irretrievable. When I picked it up I saw it was a 20 dollar bill. I looked around and asked the guy if it was his and he said no. There were some other gentlemen around dressed up in old Union Civil War gear from the parade. Apparently they'd been imbibing a decent amount because I asked one of them if the money was theirs and he shouted at his friends who didn't seem to know/care if they had lost any money. So the guy said "it's your lucky day." I guess it was. It's nice when the Karma train comes back around.

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  1. I don't think you can really claim too much Luck o' the Irish considering your heritage. I'd take Luck o' the Adrienne over Luck o' the Irish any day though.


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