Sunday, April 6, 2008

Garden Secrets

Saturday was a beautiful day here so I decided to go out and enjoy the weather while I could. I took on what I thought would be a small task, but what turned out to be at least two trashcans full worth of pruning. Our front yard has ivy growing like crazy and I thought it was trying to take over all of our sidewalk space so it should be trimmed a little. As I trimmed I saw an area where the ivy had grown up a little taller than the rest and I wanted to chop it down. So I went in with the sheers and ran into a rusted spring. I pulled and to my surprise out came a garden stake with a cat head on it that I hadn't seen in our nearly three years of living here. It was a little creepy looking so I tossed it aside. A while later I came upon a short wooden post sticking out of the dirt. I decided to pull it out thinking that it was unecesary. I believe I was correct in my thinking since I found out that there was a knife blade attached to that wooden post. Very strange. I added it to the pile. I started picking up the piles that I'd created and sweeping off the edges. and what do I find when I bend down to pick up something that has clattered to the ground, but another kitchen knife! I also picked out plenty of trash and dead leaves and a funny washer looking piece of metal. The kitchen knives are definitely the strangest part though. I can't quite figure it out. Perhaps some of the neighborhood kids stole their mom's knife to play with and left them stuck in my ivy as a good hiding spot. I don't think it was anyone particularly malicious, since they were pretty stubby knives. It was a very odd find.

From April


  1. It could be worse--Corey was out gardening today and his surprise find was a BLACK WIDOW SPIDER. Eek!

  2. Could have been worse honey, you could have found the syringes I leave all over our front yard.

  3. See everyone says it could have been worse. But I'm afraid now Scott, did you have those knives waiting for me? I shudder to think about Black Widows, maybe there's a connection and that's what Scott was going for.....


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