Sunday, April 20, 2008

Last Friday

I have lots of catching up to do, but I'll start with this past Friday. It was a beautiful day out, almost 80 degrees and I got out of work early. I went and grabbed Scott and we went and found a spot for dinner where we could eat and drink oustide by Union Square. Afterwards we wandered through a farmers market and bought some tasty oatmeal cranberry cookies then checked out a silent rave. A silent rave is something where people all get together and bring their own music, usually on an ipod and dance at the same time, but not together. It was an odd sight to see so many people dancing to their own beat. It was interesting to see how different it was compared to a regular dance. It very much highlighted the way music can bring a crowd together. Everyone in this crowd was doing the same thing at the same time, but they weren't as cohesive a group as they would have been if they were all dancing to the same music. I think the facebook group had over 6000 people signed up for it. There was definitely a large crowd. We went up in a nearby store to get a birds eye view of the crowd.
From Friday
Then we just sat around people watching for awhile. There is a large display in Union Square that has a bunch of numbers all flickering away. I think it is a clock of sorts counting up and down the minutes in the day. Reading one way is the time and reading the other way is the time left in the day. After that we wandered down and decided to head home. We had to make way for a large rolling ball that some guys were moving down the sidewalk.
From Friday
From Friday
It was a sponsored ball for some cancer charity, that the sponsors offered to pay x amount of money for however many signatures were gathered on the ball. So of course we signed it. It was an interesting and very random sight. My sister Lauren also got into town that night, but I told her I'd see her the next day since so much sitting in the sun had left me very tired and a little pink. It was sooo nice to finally see and feel the sun. I don't think I could get any whiter.


  1. Speaking of being in the sun, I sat out on Sunday, and tanned porch railing lines and a laptop into my legs. I've got a funny looking diagonal grid running across my shins now, and a white rectangle across my thighs. Sexiness.

  2. how fun!! Silent Rave - wierd, great concept, but weird!!


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