Sunday, April 27, 2008

Week in Review

I'm getting behind on blog posts. So I'll play catch up with this one. Last Sunday I took my sister Lauren to go see Wicked. I have some connections in the city, which is a good thing otherwise we'd never have managed to get tickets. It was a good show and we had some great orchestra seats. I still like the book better and the ending to the broadway version was not so great, but I guess broadway is a little like Disney, they just can't help but give you a happy sappy ending. The guy next to me too a hundred dollar nap, which seems a little ridiculous. I guess some people just have money to throw away. At the end of the show they asked for donations for the broadway charity drive that they do every year benefitting something like kids with aids or cancer. The lady behind us made some snarky remark about having to listen to such a thing.

On Wednesday a co-worker of mine offered me a ticket to a show at Carnagie Hall. It's funny what you get used to being around. When I really think about it, casually going to Carnagie Hall isn't something most people can do. It was an interesting show with three guys who were jazz musicians but tended to do more of a musical noise routine. The vocalist just played around making different noises and at one point the show devolved into them throwing drumsticks around the stage.

Friday we had a softball game where I actually managed to make it home and caught a pop fly. I was proud. The quote of the day came from a new girl on the team who hit the ball and ran to first but didn't make it before the ball did so she was out. She turned around and said "All that running for nothing?" Haha, I guess the game is kind of new to her. We were pretty far behind, but in the last inning we managed to make a good rally and ended up only losing by three runs. I think the score was 18-21.

Here's a sneak peek at pictures from this weekend. I'll blog about them and post more later.

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  1. Thank you thank you!! We are both excited about getting married : )

    Hey that's a very nice picture of the grass, I like your style of photography very much!

    how is everything going for you? I hope well


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