Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Here is the animation entitled "SETA" my group in Big Brothers Big Sisters created last year. I will have to work a little harder to get this year's project posted, but I'm hoping that last year's project will show up for you. Last year, we learned about stop motion animation and storylines and our topic was "growth". FYI there is no audio on this. As you can see from the video our character named Seta, experiences growth in many ways. Her toenails grow, but eventually she also grows to accept this and finds a way to be happy with herself and her excessive toenails. LOL. Enjoy.


  1. it says it's no longer available! boooo...

  2. Using a lawnmower to cut toe nails? Inconceivable!


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3. Ri - a female given name: derived from Adrienne.