Friday, September 12, 2008

Looking Around

In New York, once you leave your house for the day you pretty much have to take everything with you. Unless you happen to live in Manhattan where it's no problem to go back home an grab a jacket. But most people aren't rich and even the rich people will have to take half an hour to go half a mile. Distance is very distorted around here, for instance, I live only 5 miles from work, but it takes me a full hour to get there. Anyway, just because of the way things are people often end up sleeping on trains or any old place since it's too far to go home for a nap. There is also a constant search for restrooms. If you're out doing something all day you'd better hope that you plan to spend money somewhere that has one. There are very few public restrooms and you don't want to be on that train ride home with a full bladder as the train car bumps and jostles you over the train tracks. It gets to be a very long ride. So I've started collecting pictures of these things. Public Restrooms, people sleeping in public and people carrying multiple bags and purses, or even extra large purses or suitcases.
From 2008_09_11
From 2008_09_11
From 2008_09_11

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