Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Husband is Hot

Today Scott walked to catch the train into the city to go do some work, and I stayed behind to do laundry. He told me that as he rounded the corner of our street, a girl walked by and pretty much ignored him as people tend to do. But then as they kept walking she stopped, turned around and just stared him up and down appreciatively wearing a little half smile, then turned back around and kept walking. Later, when Scott was on the train, sitting in the fairly empty car, a girl leaned across the person sitting next to Scott and said "Can I have your number?" Scott thought she was asking him for a pen, but when he finally understood the question he just replied "No, sorry." I told him that he should have at least explained that he was married so she didn't feel so shut down, but he said he did attempt to flash the wedding ring a bit after that. So, there is my proof. I have an attractive husband and all the ladies want him. I think it's the new shoes that I took him to buy. They attract the girls like flies. Later, I went into the city and we scouted some photography locations together for my photo shoot next weekend.
From 9_14_08


  1. Scottie = Hottie. That's common knowledge I think :). But Ri = Sexy, so you're a good match. You'll have supermodel children with rocket scientist brains.

  2. Moist Downtown! (what? it's raining here in Chicago)September 15, 2008 at 10:26 AM

    FINALLY some pictures of Scottie! More plz =D


  3. scott lied. it was a dude that asked for his number.

  4. Haha, well considering the fact that most men I know have higher standards of attractiveness for the men they date than many women, I'd say my statement is still very valid.


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