Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Floors

We were super excited to get all new flooring put in on the first floor of our apartment recently. No more fading maroon shag or decrepit golden linoleum. Now we have new tile and wooden floors. We used to have a room we called the "ugly room" now it's just the guest room. Anyway, in order to get it all nice we did have to put up with dust in every cupboard and crack, but after much cleaning it looks great! One other minor inconvenience or convenience depending on the way you look at it, was our displaced fridge.
From 2008_08_05


  1. So where is the new floors picture??

  2. where ARE i mean... apparently I was not the grammar champion.

  3. Don't listen to her Ri, you know what the people of Scotty!

  4. hey, is that my baby on the front of your fridge?

  5. Yes Hannah, I have multiple pictures of your baby on my fridge. He makes me smile.
    New floors weren't nearly as exciting as this picture. Plus I didn't feel like taking the picture right then. We've got a whole month to go though, don't despair Sarah.

  6. That's sweet. Now Ryan wants a fridge in the bathroom...

  7. A whole month? I can't wait that long.


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