Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Run of Bad Luck

I don't know what's been in the air lately, but it sure is making me sneeze. Though you probably could do without the visual, the trashcan next to my desk is piled high with thoroughly used tissues and my nose just WON'T stop running.
That's really not so bad compared with what's been going on around the office lately. Sadly, two of my coworker's mother in laws died this week. Another coworker's grandmother died. Another coworker went to the hospital because of reaction to a medication only to meet yet another coworker already there, a few beds down. To top it all off, my boss has been pretty much working from home for the past month laid up with two bum ankles, one broken ankle and the other twisted.
So hopefully whatever it is that determines when good and bad things happen has had enough of the bad for now and we can start on an upswing.
Perhaps soon I'll be hearing about people who win the lottery and strike oil and have babies and maybe win a race or something. Who knows what could happen!


  1. Bad Luck is going around. Lindy has lost 4 friends in the past month. Two suicide, one anorexia (which could be considered suicide too I suppose), and one car accident. I hope the streak ends soon too...

  2. I concur, 2008 has thus far sucked with no signs of turning around, I'm praying we hit a tipping point soon.

    R.I.P. Levi
    R.I.P. Glenn
    R.I.P. Don

  3. Geez, sounds like a nationwide phenomenon. But as I predicted the upswing is here. A coworker just told me today that they are expecting!


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