Friday, September 19, 2008


Alright, I'm running low on my tank of interesting, so today's episode consists not of the mundane details of my life, but of web searching and random sites that you can visit too! Share the thrill as you discover whether your telephone number spells something as nifty as "5053 am a glut" Next time someone asks you for your number you could just smile and wink and make that great little gun hand motion and tell them, just dial "a 01 he is 1 to" and watch as their brows furrow in confusion, as you smile to yourself knowing that they will be hunting and pecking on their phone trying to figure how to type all those letters using the keypad without the aid of auto complete. You could even start your own website, or create a really awful infomercial where you shout from the top of your lungs for people to dial "it o a kink o" then spell it out for them real slow and repeat! Oh the fun you could have! All you've got to do is visit this website ! Of course you could be really lame, and have a number that doesn't spell anything even when you add the eleventh digit.

As if that wasn't enough self promotion for you, did you know that any gmail lovers out there can have their very own plethora of e-mail addresses all within one low low priced account!? Well you CAN! All you have to do is think positive!! soon could become It would all go to the same place and you can sort it by incoming mail so that all your illicit liasonees think that you have a special e-mail just for them. MellowDaphne+BittyBear@gmail etc. The love is endless! Just be sure not to hit reply to the wrong e-mail. Texting the wrong person is also bad form, just FYI. Especially when you're saying something unflattering about the person you accidently texted to. But I digress.

In two easy steps and all for a low low low price you can be marketing yourself like the best used car salesman in This is a once in a lifetime, limited offer, get it while it lasts!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. 60-bey-18-buy

    How incredibly useful...

    Time to text all my friends and tell them Ryan's a douche, oh man did I include Ryan on that?!


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