Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ceramic Sightings

I think I am somehow magically linked to Macayos. I have always enjoyed their lovely margaritas, but what is more entertaining than a few margaritas, or perhaps more entertaining after a few margaritas is the ceramic mugs that they come in. Known coloquially as "Bob's" and "Cha-Chas" these distinctive mugs are easy to spot, but it amazes me that I have now spotted them not only in their native Arizona habitat, but also in Vietnam, and now in a New Jersey Good Will store. Really, what are the chances that of all the Good Will stores in New Jersey that the one that I happen to pass by every day has an authentic Macayos mug? It's where I had my wedding rehearsal dinner, then when I went to Vietnam on my honeymoon, we were sitting at the bar and what did we see propped up along with the bottles of liquor, but Bob and Cha-Cha. These things are following me. If there's a message here, I'm not sure what it is.... collect ceramics? Drink Margaritas? Return to Arizona? Perhaps its just the ghost of Arizona past.


  1. Definitely drink margaritas. With me. That's the message.

  2. Drink maragritas with me too because it'll be legal.
    Although i'm turning into a wine-o. Lets drink wine at Grandma's house, that'll be fun!

  3. mmm grandma wine. That sounds better than peppermint schnapps :)


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