Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wiretapping not focused on al Qaeda Suspects

Well, I'm not too good at blogging about what it is that I'm doing, so instead I'll bring some more politics to your attention. Remember when Bush said that all the wiretapping the NSA had been doing (think back to 2005 now) was strictly for use against al Qaeda suspects and that no American civil liberties would be violated?

Yeah, no surprise but that was a lie.

It seems wiretappers would intercept and then share some of the juicier tidbits coming out of Iraq, from military officers to volunteer relief workers (American Red Cross, for example). ABC just did a whole report on it, if you're following that.

Maybe next time I post it will be about something cool and science-y instead of depressing and politic-y. At least it's not mavericky.


  1. Someone said maverick! Drink!

  2. Scott you should ID yourself somehow. Using "I" could confuse people. I know it says "Posted by Scott" but who looks there?

  3. I do...Although I will say that I read the post thinking it was Adrienne until I got to the bottom.

  4. Sorry to confuse people! I'll try to be more clear in the future.


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