Sunday, October 12, 2008

Crazy Drivers

For any of you who may have attempted to drive in New Jersey, you know that the drivers here are crazy. I never cross the street when the hand says to go because I just know some bus driver will try to turn left and plow me down. I always wondered about the crossing gaurds who I see on the way to work. They never seemed to be nearly cautious enough. They'd just walk into the street and wave the pedestrians through the intersection, or more likely they'd stay standing on the corner and watch as people made their own way across. Appparently you only get gaurded crossing the street if you're a kid. I always thought they should do a little more whistle blowing and "stop" hand motioning. So on Friday morning as I kissed Scott goodbye I told him to "look both ways before crossing the street." Jokingly of course, but I didn't think that the caution would be so timely. As I walked out the door and up the hill I saw the poor crossing gaurd sitting in the street in front of a car. Apparently someone had hit the lady, and was at least calling for help. But she didn't seem to be ready to get up and walk out of the street.

On another note, I got the Red Velvet cake that I won in a raffle. Soooo delicious. It's tough to stop eating it.


  1. Stupid 1-9 Truck Route!! If your roads weren't so gosh-darn confusing drivers wouldn't be so terrible there.

  2. Maybe they should all eat cake.

  3. The cake is probably too well gaurded...

  4. I love red velvet cake. So strange to make though, you have to put vinegar and baking soda and let it bubble in the batter. Vinegar just seems like such an odd thing to add to cake batter.

  5. I think the problem is that you're crossing when the hand appears. Everyone know to cross when the little white man tells you to. No wonder why you get cars whizzing through the cross walk while you're trying to cross. You're lucky you're still alive to eat cake.



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