Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tag Lines

It's voting time! Which do you like better?

Recap Photography - Bringing Back Memories


Recap Photography - Remember

I've got my reasons for liking/not liking both. Give me your input. As a reward for input you can see pictures! Here are some that I took last weekend at a holiday photo shoot.

This is the same cutie that I took pictures of for his first birthday. he's so easy going. His parents set him in the pokey evergreen bushes and he made some small noises in protest and even though he was very hungry and not so happy with being in pokey bushes he still didn't cry or lose his temper. Such a sweetie.

11_23_08 181

11_23_08 167

11_23_08 103


  1. I like
    Recap Photography - Remember


    Recap Photography - Capture Your Memories

  2. I like the "capture your memories" one

  3. Hmm...not sure either one speaks to me. I think "Capture Your Memories" sounds kind of cliche, but "Remember" isn't really enough to go on. Maybe something like:

    "revisit. recall. remember. RECAP PHOTOGRAPHY."
    "Recap Photography - It's a Snap!"
    "Recap Photography - Capturing all your nows to save for all your laters"
    "You'll never lose a memory when you capture them with Recap"

    I dunno...just a few thoughts. I think they both are good directions, if you take them farther.

  4. Mom doesn't like either. Dad likes Ri-Capture your memories. I'm on the fence.


Recap Defined

ri•cap 1 (rē-kāp') Pronunciation Key tr.v. ri•capped, ri•cap•ping, ri•caps
1. a summary at the end that repeats the substance of a longer discussion
2. To replace a cap or caplike covering on: recapped the camera lens.
3. Ri - a female given name: derived from Adrienne.