Thursday, December 25, 2008

Adrienne vs. Snowman

Merry Christmas! I went around fighting the neighborhood snowmen. Apparently they're pretty tough here in Idaho because a few of them got a good punch or two in. Only 7 stiches later I'm healing and got some lovely Christmas presents that are sparkly and if I wear them just right they distract you from the mess on my face.

On a sidenote. The tragedy nearly equal to my face is that the camera in my pocket had it's screen busted up at the same time. I think the camera still works, but that remains to be seen. It was my little pocket camera so at least my Alpha is still alive. With the rate electronics have been failing around me who knows what's next. 1 Vacuum, 2 computers and 1 camera have all died within the last month.

From Snow vs. Adrienne


  1. what the crap!

    I mean what are you doing in Idaho? Who goes there?

  2. She was there to rustle up some snowmen. Turns out they were more vicious than anticipated and had to be put down.

    I wanted one for a pet too...


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