Wednesday, February 4, 2009


You may or may not know about the time wasting page otherwise known as Fail Blog It is entertaining to see the many ways people can be incompetent or oblivious. I was doing some window shopping otherwise known as walking through Duane Reade while trying to kill time so I don't have to wait in the cold for Scott to pick me up from the train station. It's either shop at the drugstore or stand in the alcove to the door for Subway, but for some reason, even though it's a double door, people insist upon walking through the door both in and out that I happen to be huddled near for warmth. The other door works perfectly well, it's just on the left. I should try standing on the left. But that doesn't explain the exiters. Hmm... So I get banged by the door for as long as it takes Scott to scrape the snow off the car and drive up the hill to get me. This is why I shop at Duane Reade, not that I really needed to justify that. Anyway, I was shopping their sale isle checking out all the great 50% off deals when I noticed a sign. I thought to myself, "oh my, that's ridiculous" 0% off, what dope would put up a sign that says that? Then I looked closer, not only were there 0% off deals to be had. There were also some that were a whopping -1% off. SALE FAIL! I tried submitting the middle image to fail blog. That had to have induced a huge cringe as soon as it happened. I could even see myself doing it. Phew, got the big ole stereo into the car, time to slam the trunk shut. SMASH! *$&#&*(! Anyway, so I didn't make it to fame on Fail Blog. I'll have to make my own fame. I might have posted the car photo before so forgive me if I've made you look twice.

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  1. Time to print up an "out of order" sign and hang it on the door you want to stand in front of =)

    Great pictures too. I giggled.


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