Thursday, February 12, 2009


I was going to post some photos from a session I did in January, but picasa wouldn't upload it and blogger wouldn't upload it, so I give up. Got to go see the studio where the Wonder Pets is made today. It's a children's show for toddlers, but the whole animation and production process is neat to see. Definitely a nice work environment in this cool old building downtown. Little Airplane Productions is the name of the place. I'm very unmotivated to blog since my whole reason for posting didn't succeed. Will try again another day.


  1. Thanks a lot now I have that dang song in my head "Wonder pets, wonder pets we're on our way, to help a baby animal and save the day!" I personally prefer the Backyardigans ;)

  2. No problem, it's in my head too. Happy to share.


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