Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hearts a Flyin'

So I set my alarm for 5am today, thinking that I might get up and go to the city to help fill 1000 red heart shaped balloons and hang them up and down Broadway. Well, of course the alarm went off and I decided sleep was a much better option. I figured 1000 red heart shaped balloons would be a fun thing to see in the daylight so Scott and I headed out to see it once we woke up at a more reasonable hour. I had envisioned a street full of large balloons, but once we got there it was apparent that the volunteers hadn't shown up in droves and that 1000 balloons was more like 100 balloons. I can envision the early morning scene where the few volunteers gathered in the cold dark trying to fill balloons with helium and tie the little ends then attach string. All with frozen fingers. Hmm I think I made the right choice to stay in bed. It was a little dissapointing to see so few balloons out. they were also pretty tiny. Scott and I made the best of it though and went shopping. We also got to grab lunch with Sky and Anna. A very nice Valentine's Day. Hope everyone else had one too.

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  1. Great picture!

    Tim and I had a very sexy date at The Brewhouse where he described how he got dumped earlier in the day and I described how I'd been listening to Of Montreal all day (and their song "Tim, I wish you were born a girl"). Maybe Sarah was right...


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