Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cosmo Mafia

No it's not a harem of ladies who lunch whilst sipping pink drinks with their pinkies out as they plan the demise of their hated hairdresser. The Cosmo Mafia is apparently a group of gentlemen who hang out in steak houses with an older and scantily clad lady impressing her with their pink drink choices. Or perhaps their message was that they were so manly they didn't have to fear that femininely fruity beverage. Either way, Scott and I spent less time talking over his birthday dinner, than eavesdropping on the booth next door. Some lessons we learned include "It's about having lots of money and having people take care of you. That's what real love is." Ah apparently Scott and I weren't totally aware of the meaning of true love. It's taken us a few years, but now we know. We also learned some other life lessons through our eavesdropping. "It's not good to meet up with sketchy guys who you don't know very well. Even if you meet them in a public place, they could have guys waiting in the car." As a crime detective novel might say, I couldn't get a read on these guys at first. They came in wearing suits, a pair of fairly tall broad gentlemen, at least 60 years old. One had curly black hair that had turned mostly silver, pulled back into a low ponytail. The other one looked like a slightly hefty and greasy Richard Gere. It was really their drinks choice that threw me off. Then this 50 some year old lady comes in and shrugs off her coat to reveal a backless yellow number that I'm not sure I would have worn with confidence. But the gentlemen seemed to enjoy it. They didn't seem like normal businessmen or academic types. They didn't have that professional veneer, but they did seem to have money... Eh fuggedaboutit.

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  1. "It's not good to meet up with sketchy guys who you don't know very well. Even if you meet them in a public place..."

    As opposed to say, a shady back alley where you can keep an eye on the cars that around...

    I wish my city provided exciting people watching opportunities.


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