Monday, March 9, 2009

Knowledge is Power

The things I learned on the way to the Path station.

1. If your culture requires you to wear a head scarf it's really nice in the winter. If you add to that the benefit that you don't need to buy a hands free phone attachment and that you can just stick your phone in the scarf instead, then you've almost convinced me to convert.

2. When an Asian lady pops out of her car with a handful of pamphlets and thrusts one at you as she says "glow-ba-wa-me" always take the paper. You will find out all kinds of great things. The first thing I learned from the paper was that there will be a picture of a lovely blonde asian, a blasian if you will, (come to think of it, the same term could be used for a caucasian, i just like the term, no disrespect to anyone.) The second thing I learned was that "Yes. Thank you, Master." is a "Question." The final bit of knowledge I gleaned was that in order to prevent Global Warming we all have to become vegetarians.

3. I learned something else, but then I forgot it. Too much cognitive load this weekend sorry all.



  1. So many things to learn in a big city!! I'm not sure I could keep up.

  2. It might have something to do with your split attention. Text AND pictures...who can learn that way?!

    Oh, and I learned from your post that apparently meat is a harmful drug...which explains why I have soooo much fun.

  3. I might have to propose this at the competition this week. You know that actual delegates take our resolutions and read them. Supreme Master Ching Hai, your dreams are about to come true!


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