Saturday, March 7, 2009


Ahh yes, just the way I like it, finishing homework at 1:00 AM on a Saturday. I thought I was supposed to be doing something else. Well If I'm lucky I'll get to see time jump for daylight savings. Anyway, here's a shot from a 1 year old's birthday party that I did last weekend. I'm going back to do another family member next week. Busy busy. I just can't say no to people who want pictures! Phew, at least spring break is coming up so I can catch up on things. Funny how it only means I don't have my 2 hour class on Monday, but it makes a large difference! I really am loving it all, I just wish I had more time.

From Tunrolo


  1. That is ADORABLE. Baby time?

  2. Well I'm glad you have a Spring Break to look forward to. I'm also glad that you're getting clients to photograph. And even better recomendations from that client.
    I had my final for field geology on Saturday. So I'll get my weekends back then after NY I'm down another class. Yay for free time! Oh wait.. I just got a job, scratch the whole free time thing.

  3. Lauren, I'm so proud of you for commenting and for getting your Saturdays back and for getting a job. However, you two can't go spreading baby rumors when they just aren't true. Sheesh!

  4. I didn't mean to!! I was just saying it to Erin to see how she'd react and then she had to call you. Not my fault she only believes some of the things I say.


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