Saturday, May 23, 2009

long long ago....

It certainly has been awhile since my last blog post. I think I had enough writing that I just didn't want to think about doing any more for awhile. I'll start with one that happened awhile back and work my way back to present day.

We went to a "light saber" battle in Washington Square Park, which by the way is now open. For those of you who don't know, Washington Square Park is the one by NYU with the big arch and they tore it all up and relandscaped and made a new fountain so that it wold line up with the arch and it's been closed for over a year. So now it's open again.

Anyway, this battle consisted of thousands of cardboard tubes, you know the kind that are in the center of wrapping paper that you used to use as swords when you were a kid? Well we got to flashback to the days of kid-dom. They painted these things with fluorescent paint, pointed some large black lights at us and waited for dusk. The battle was interesting, but I always think this group could use just a small amount of extra planning. They're the same ones that do the pillow fight. I think I made this comment before about them. For example, in this event everyone got all bunched up and stuck their "sword" in the air and wiggled it around. There wasn't enough room for proper fights. It would have been more fun if they'd made a line and had people stand on either side of it so actual "sword fights" could take place. Oh well, maybe I'm just too much of a planner. Everyone had fun anyway and so did I. Scott and Eric even had their pictures up on the Gothamist. Here are some of my shots, it was tough lighting conditions for photos so there aren't really any fantastic ones.

From lightsaber2009

From lightsaber2009

From lightsaber2009


  1. how is it that i comment and then come back two days later and see that there is no comment from me? are you deleting my comments??? it's not like it was racy or anything! man--censorship. what happened to freedom of speech? i demand my rights!

    also, on the off chance you didn't delete it and it just never posted, what i asked was what fight was going to be going on when i'm there. water balloon perhaps?

  2. The bubble battle is on June 12 and you missed the MP3 experiment. We could make our own battle though. Cupcake perhaps? Also, I definitely didn't delete anything, but I could if I wanted to. Let that be a warning to you. :)


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