Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oh What a Night

So I got off early this Friday, thinking that I'd show our friends Jen and Alan who are in town, a good time. We headed out to check out Central Park and FAO Schwartz, and Rockefeller Center and Times Square. Then we had some early dinner at a cute little Italian place and headed over to my and Scott's first soccer game of the season. Jen and Alan were all set to be spectators and the game was going along fine with our team dominating the field. I even got a few shots in from the backfield since it's really quite a tiny field. Well the small size of the field seemed to work against Scott because he and someone on the other team were both watching the ball as it came towards them and both turned to run after it at the same moment, not realizing that they were near each other they basically body slammed right into each other. It was like a cartoon, they just smacked and both went straight down on their backs. Scott looked a little wobbly when he stood up so I made him sit back down and sure enough he had a bloody mouth. The guy was short enough compared to him that Scott had gotten a nice headbutt. He had a slice right above his lip and the consensus was that he needed stitches. So our team recruited 2 new people and Scott, Jen and I left for our hospital visit. I tried urgent care centers, but apparently Friday night is not the time to try those. So we sat in the waiting room, empty except for slightly anxious groups of people and a security guard. Finally the triage nurse came and called a few people's names. I'm not sure what would have happened if something really serious came through the doors because there was no medical personnel in sight. Two girls on our left were telling someone how the one girl had taken a spill off her bike and had a skinned up knee. She said she was wearing a helmet but still felt banged up. Though in the end she seemed to decide it wasn't worth waiting for hours to be sure so they left. Another group came in with a 20 something girl and they said she just lost her sight, she can't see, she had an allergic reaction. They just looked at her and said, there's nothing we can do, just sit down and wait. Though her wait was considerably shorter than other people's. She got in in about 5 minutes. Still, sheesh! Scott finally got called and was put on the fast track line so Jen and Alan went to go hang out in the neighborhood while we waited some more. The first doctor we saw said we had the option of getting a plastic surgeon and we weren't sure, but eventually she said we'd probably be happier with one, so she called him, which of course meant more waiting. The plastic surgeon was really nice and he at least numbed Scott up before yanking on the wound, unlike the first doctor lady. The cut went all the way through to the inside of his mouth. At least there were no loose teeth. Scott thought it was cool that he got stitches on the inside and one in the muscle and three on the outside. Silly boy. When we finally got discharged Scott was still up for going to see our friend for their birthday, which was the original plan. We decided to take a cab because waiting hours for trains at that point didn't sound fun. So we all piled in and had gone less than a mile when scraaaaaape. Our cab driver decided he should turn into the other lane shaving it too close and running into another cab. So the cab drivers stop and put on their blinkers and get out of the car. Completely ignoring us passengers. So we throw the guy 5 bucks and hopped out to catch another cab. We finally got where we were going, but didn't stay long since Scott had had a long day. I did get a text from our soccer team saying that they'd won 6-1 for us. Scott is feeling alright this morning. It's still tender, but we're all ok and Jen and Alan have a good adventure story to tell. Oh yeah, they also ended up hanging out with the friends of the "blind" lady. Those people said she ate shellfish and had only had mild reactions before, but this time it was way worse, and that they knew you had to play it up to get seen in the ER quickly. I took note of that for next time. Now Scott and I will have matching scars :)


  1. Why does it keep asking me for a twitter name and password every time I come to your site? annoying! in other comments, your blog is going to turn into an injury documentary if you aren't careful. stop getting matching scars!

  2. Scotty = super-hardcore. Stitches inside his mouth? Bad. Ass.

    I second the motion that twitter is annoying.


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