Monday, July 13, 2009

Another Day in the City

Today we were asked if we were 'born cute'. We were also spoken to about alliteration and assonance and consonance and then challenged to a rhyme off. We were just trying to buy huarachas and horchatas for dinner. So much to ignore. I bought a vest, since I have to return the one I stole from a friend. I am extremely tempted to travel to London in a couple weeks. All New Yorkers act as if I'm inconveniencing them by asking them to do their jobs. Their jobs being to scan an item of clothing and let the machine process my credit card. Yes, I will move away from here someday. But then my blog posts won't be nearly as interesting.

1 comment:

  1. Are you saying that because I don't live in NYC my blog posts aren't interesting? We have weirdos here too, you know. Not as many gunfights, but still a lot. You can move here and i will help have an interesting enough life to blog about. Mine is so interesting I don't even have time to blog!


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