Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I've got lots of projects and such in the works these days. I'm working on a new website for one. This link should work temporarily to give you a sample. I've still got to do some editing and change some pictures. I also need to trouble shoot the gallery page which seems to not be working at all just yet. This has been a long slow process since I'm basically learning programs as I go. I've also gone with a challenging design. Everything's pretty much the status quo around here. Softball is going well right now. The other day I even helped out in a double play and scored the game winning run. I'm hoping that my softball season winds up quickly because school will be starting in September and my team won't forgive me if I have to miss the game and go to class. They're my coworkers too so I'm really crossing my fingers. The reason the season is going so late is that we've had around 4-5 rained out games. It's been a wet summer but it finally started to get hot. Sorry for the mishmash of topics. I know I've been terrible about posting. I did a photo shoot on Sunday and I'll do another one this weekend and the next, so I'll have pictures to share soon!


  1.'s looking so good! You didn't mention that you're about to be famous. Is that secret until you have the magazine in your hands? Also, you're going to send me a copy or 17, right? Hooray projects. Also, congrats on the double play and the winning home run!

  2. I still have this feeling that if I tell everyone it won't end up happening. Or that I'm going to get some terrible backlash from photographers who are angry that I give out my CD because you're supposed to charge for prints and they all think I'm a fraud. I want to have a happy ending before I tell the story.

  3. oh, and yes, I'll send you a copy. I'll even autograph it for you :)

  4. Ok, well I still want a copy of thebigsecretproject. And I definitely want it autographed.


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