Sunday, September 13, 2009


Just a small sample image from one of my recent photo shoots. I LOVED this family. There are so many photos I just can't stop playing with them. I'll share more later.

P.S. We're moving to Denver next year.

P.P.S. Picasa is screwing with the colors in my photos. It is much more vibrant on my computer. Grrr. You can compare it to the Flickr version, which is much more accurate here.

From 09_09_05_Turbin


  1. Can't blame you for moving, I can only imagine what kind of violence goes unphotographed in that city.

    Since Lindy ended up not moving to Denver, I can have her spot, right? And Adrienne just takes her original spot? Otherwise, I am willing to make it a Race To Denver™

  2. Well I don't know about any other spots, but I know mind has been reserved for at least 4 years :)

  3. Well, Adrienne and Scott are a package deal, so really it's Scott that's taking your spot. But there's plenty of room in the yard for a tent.

    Adrienne--I looooove this photo...especially in the better color. I will have lots of babies so you can photograph them.

  4. Ok are you moving at the end of the calendar year or the school year? Mom and I couldn't agree on when you were moving.

    Sarah's such a good friend, handing ouy tents and babies like pressents on Christmas!

  5. The end of the calendar year. Erin knows. Yes, I agree Sarah is the best friend a person could have. Along with tents and babies she has magical resume skillz.

  6. Corey just had a brilliant suggestion for you, Mike. Our neighbor's house is, from everything we can tell, completely abandoned. Not for sale, not foreclosed on, just not occupied. You can squat in their house and no one would even know! Unless you mowed the lawn. Then people would be grateful but suspicious.

    Babies, tents, resume edits--I like to share! Especially if that gets me closer to my ultimate goal of moving my whole world to Denver.

  7. I wouldn't have to mow grass for much longer, right? I mean, it's gotta be almost snow season at this point. Regardless, I'm in. The boss threatened again to promote me and promised "as soon as [HR lady] gets back from bereavement it's done". Time for me to bounce.

  8. Man, Sarah's making a whole crew over there :)


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