Monday, November 16, 2009

A Bird? A Plane? A Scott

This is my husband. He can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Or at least benches in the train station for the sake of pictures. We had a nice weekend with a trip to a sculpture garden and a visit to his aunt and uncle who showed us around Princeton. I'm thinking I should have gone there as an undergrad because they have these really cool Tony the Tiger jackets that they get to wear. That, and amazingly beautiful architecture.  I wouldn't have minded sleeping in some of those buildings.

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  1. If you had gone to Princeton, you would not have met your two primary blog commenters, and that would be a mistake. Also, you would've had to live in NJ a lot more, and they put words in quote marks that do need to be in quote marks. Check and mate. ASU wins.

  2. parallel evolution of terminology. They have paninis there, but they created them without ever having heard of them before. Hence, they assume you won't know what they're talking about and use the quotes to demonstrate that is, in fact, a made up word.

  3. Also, how am I supposed to steal pictures of myself for facebook when you don't link/post to your picasa album anymore hmmm?

  4. So I really like the pic of Scott leaping the bench.


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