Thursday, November 12, 2009



Yes, this is an ice sculpture of a baby bottle. The baby shower I took pictures of was pretty incredible. It was especially funny because the only person boogeying on the dance floor at certain points was the pregnant woman. She danced the night away shaking her booty and her belly. Not only that, but she also did all the planning for the elaborate shower that included a DJ with lights and centerpieces etc.

So I've already skipped a few days, guess I didn't manage to blog every day of the month, which is pretty sad considering that someone who HAD A CHILD managed to still blog every day. That means I have NO excuse.
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  1. That's ok. Not only have I not blogged at all this month, I even slacked off on reading other peoples' blog posts. My only redeeming thing is that I did manage to post wedding pics. Not really enough to make up for it though.

  2. It's about quality not quantity Ri =)

    It won't be National Blog Month on my blog for at least a couple weeks.


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