Sunday, November 1, 2009

Is This Thing On?

When you can't see your own eyeballs it's tough to tell if they're on straight.  This Halloween I was a slow starter, as in the day of Halloween I finally decided that I should make a costume, so Scott did some excellent fabric store scouting and found the perfect cheap fabric and we went to town making ourselves into the Yip Yip's from Sesame Street.   I'm not sure if I liked them before, but watching this again had me cracking up.  I think people either have fond memories or really disliked these characters, but a good majority remembered them at least vaguely.  Scott and I lined up to join the Village Halloween Parade.  They only let a few people through at once so the street starts getting more and more packed with people plus their costumes that may or may not include horns, antennae, halos, backpacks, or spikes, all of which can be dangerous to precariously glued on eyeballs.  It gets worse when a tightly packed crowd of Wild Things, bees and beasts find themselves in the midst of a downpour unable to move.  Some umbrellas come out which can be good or bad depending on your precise location.  Large umbrellas can cover a lot of crowd, but if you're the unfortunate soul at the edge of an umbrella you become a drain pipe for all the cold water that isn't reaching everyone else.  Discomfort aside, everyone was in good spirits and at least the rain made it cooler under those costumes, since after days of 50 degree weather it was suddenly 70 out.  We had a good time prancing along calling out "yip yip yip" and brrrring!  Everyone seemed to remember different parts of different skits, which we happily reenacted.  At certain points we had large swaths of people saying yip yip yip along with us.  A few people thought we were pink and green Elmos, close but not quite.  Or some people forgot what we said and shouted "beep beep beep."  When we'd finally had enough we got onto the train with our costumes half off and inquiring minds wanted to know what the heck we were.  As hot and soaking as we were, we shoved our heads back inside and did our Yip Yip bit, to the approval of the Entire Subway Car.  Many people were excited to see us and told us we were their favorite costumes of the night.   I will miss New York Halloween.

From 10_31_09_Halloween

From 10_31_09_Halloween


  1. We can go back to New York for future Halloweens. I love all your costumes, and if I am with you for Halloween, you can help me with one too.

  2. We also took photos - see if you can spot yourself :) !!

  3. You are falling behind you owe me two blog post still this month :)


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