Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wining and Dining

Monday was a busy day, which is why there was no post, even though I may have said something at some point about posting every day because it's :: announcer voice::  NATIONAL BLOGGING MONTH.

It was busy because we had an event that involved every single employee in North America and Canada and I had to help coordinate the New York portion, then after that we went to the Tisch Gala, a fundraiser for the NYU Tisch School of the Arts.  When my company buys a table and needs someone to fill a seat I'm happy to tag along for free dinner and drinks.
I got to see Glen Close very very close.  And Marcia Gay Harden was next to Ron Howard and Brian Grazer.  They were all sitting at the next table over and had to walk by me to get to the stairs.  No I didn't reach out and try to pet them, or ask for their autographs, or just yell "hi" and smile and wave real big.  I acted like any proper New Yorker and feigned indifference.  I did consider stealing their leftover eclairs and trying to auction them on ebay, but ultimately decided against it.  Next time I'll at least steal the eclair and take a picture of it for y'all.

The room where we had dinner was gorgeous.  This is a picture similar to the set up, for our dinner. The room overlooks Columbus Circle and Central Park. 

You can see a slideshow of images from the event to see all the famous people I mingled with here .  You can see Howard Stringer, the CEO of Sony in one of the pictures. He was a presenter which is why I got to go.

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  1. The only one of those I might recognize would be Glenn Close - he was the surgeon in M*A*S*H, right?


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