Thursday, November 11, 2010

Workin' Hard

Phew, having time for a blog post seems like a luxury!  Between full time work, plus grad school assignments plus 40+ photoshoots and all the editing that goes with that, I'm a busy lady.  I did make time for Corey's (the roommate) surprise 30th birthday party.  His parents came to town and kept him busy climbing mountains while we got the house ready.  Sarah did all the hard work planning and cake baking.

From Corey's 30th Birthday

I did a ton of photos with a group called MOPS or Moms of PreSchoolers. Actually 37 families total. I posted some of the photos on Facebook and I'll post some here when I have time. I also did a shoot at Lair O' the Bear a great little hiking spot in the mountains with a kid named Mick. Here's a photo from our hike.

From Jones 10-30-10

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  1. Damn, Corey's OLD. Thirty is old, right? Yeah, yeah it is. Old man with a pretty young thing on his arm, makin' him cakes, probably tending to his every whim (broken bones or not). Being old sounds swell.


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