Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Attack of the 14 Squeakers - 1/12/11

Here is Jackson and his 14 squeaker-ful lion.  He's a big dog, but compared to the length and sheer squeek-a-tude of this lion he looks small.  He always perks his ears so attentively when you squeak one for him, but the ears raise an indignant extra degree when you squeak another one at the other end.  You can just hear him exclaim, "squeakers can't move!"  He really loves dragging his squeaker lion around.  I had to take a photo because I wasn't sure it would last much longer since one of Jackson's missions in life is to de-squeak-itate all toys.

we were not telling him bad dog or anything here.  I think we may be telling him to stay.  But he sure looks cowed.
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