Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I should have started my new year today, all those nice Ones.  With this 365 photo thing I have to admit that I'm both looking forward to and afraid of the fact that I'll frequently be taking pictures of the same things.  I really want to use this project to help me look around and discover things I might not normally pay attention to, but really I've got a pretty standard routine going back and forth across I-70* every morning.  Home, Work, Home.   Sometimes there's variation, but not as often as there is routine.  Anyway, I think it could be neat to see the same thing every day but see how it changes.  Or it could just get dull.

This morning traffic was bad enough that I was pretty much sitting in a parking lot, which allowed for photos of the commute.  Don't you just love the smell of dog food in the morning?  I drive past the Purina plant, which depending on what part of the food they're processing or maybe just how hungry I am, can smell sort of good or sort of gross. It's usually nice and steamy, but it was extra steamy this morning because it was so cold.

* Did you know that Arizona type folks say "The 70" and Colorado type folks say "I-70"?  I get it mixed up all the time.  I also say Arizona Mills when I mean Colorado Mills pretty much constantly.

This is what happens when the temperatures never gets above freezing, but the sun hits the black metal mailbox.  Snow ribbons.

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  1. What "Arizona types" do you know exactly? By my count you mostly cavort about with; a Louisiana type, an Alaska type, an Indiana type, and a New Mexico type.

    P.S. When is the Alaskan type going to post again?


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