Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year!

So I decided that because I was busy running around the country for the holidays I'd start my new year, resolutions and all this week instead of on the traditional 1st day of the year.  It gives me a little leeway to eat the leftover Christmas cookies.  So, HAPPY NEW YEAR!    This year one of the things I'd like to try is a 365 photo deal.  Scott got me a little camera for Christmas so I feel like I can make this happen.  It's not always easy to pull out the big camera every day.  I don't promise to post a photo every day, but I'd like to at least take one a day.  Not sure how often the posting will happen.  One other gadget that I'm looking into is a wi-fi memory card so I can automatically post a photo.
We got a good amount of snow over the weekend.  I still miss our little Civic sometimes but I'm not sure it would have made it over the drifts.

From Snow

I pick Scott up and drop him off here every day so he can catch the bus.  Even when it's literally 10 degrees outside.

From Snow

I love the light coming through the snow covered trees.  Sarah braved the cold to trek down to the corner with me just for a picture.  People are so supportive of my photo madness.  This is another example of how motivating photos can be for me, who'da thunk that I'd go out when it's so freezing?
From Snow


  1. Happy New Year! That last pic really is awesome :)

  2. Happy New Year! Looking forward to a year with lots of new pics - the lighted trees shot is awesome!


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