Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friday 1/14/11

Oh Friday. It's so nice when Friday comes around and you get out of work 10 minute early, thinking you'll be home in no time because it's Friday, and traffic is light and you're ahead of the game. Then you come to a halt. You listen to the radio and they tell you about "some slowing". Ha look at those people getting off the highway thinking they'll go faster they're going to go create their own traffic jam. Then you sit there some more. You decide that the objects on the side of the road must be interesting. Oh look! a glove! You could probably get out and pick it up if you wanted to, but who wants a mucky glove when there's only one of them? But you could pick it up. Instead you start calling everyone you know and have half hour conversations with them all. But you still aren't home even though it should only be ONE Mr. Ed from work to home. For those of you not in the know, Mr. Ed was a TV show back in the day and that's how I used to mark time in car trips because I didn't know how long a half an hour was. So I'd ask how many Mr. Ed's away we were and I'd proceed to sing the intro song and make up an episode or watch one I'd already seen in my head. Sigh. Eventually I did manage to get home and have some lovely dinner with the roomies. We saw this neat little ice-cream shop building and of course had to stop. The sad thing about little cameras is that they really can't take pictures in the dark, so you'll just have to imagine that you see the building shaped like a milk pail. Added bonus this place was delicious and served generous portions of amazingly affordable ice-cream. I'm definitely going back.

Happy Long Weekend everyone!

From 11-1-14

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  1. Hey! I got one of those 30 minute phone calls! What kind of "little" camera did you get?


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