Monday, September 8, 2008

Plans for Tuesday Night

There are tons of things going on every night in New York City. So much that it's really hard to choose what to go do when I finally decide to go do something. Sadly, most nights I just go home instead of taking advantage of everything. Maybe after this month is over and I'm done blogging every day, I'll try going out every day for a week. It's really not easy to do both though. If I go out, the blog just doesn't get posted. Anyway, help me choose. I'm going out with my friend Anna dinner and drinks might be included, but for the main event we've got two categories. Books or Music.

Option 1: David Carr at Barnes & Noble
The New York Times reporter reads from his riveting memoir, The Night of the Gun. Carr takes an honest look into the abyss, and sometimes what he sees isn’t pretty.

Option 2: Michael Kimmel at Borders
Believe it or not, Kimmel’s Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men is an important study about why Gen Y, video-game-loving frat guys are going to be the death of us all.

Option 3: Boris Savoldelli + Elliott Sharp
Tickets: $10
Music made up entirely of vocal sounds is almost certainly the oldest in human history; the advent of digital sampling and looping technology enabled one singer to perform multiple parts live, which brings us to Boris Savoldelli. On Insanology, the Italian singer’s 2007 CD, he evokes the Beach Boys, covers Jimi Hendrix and leaves the pop realm behind in harmonically dense explorations and hocket-like exercises. It’s frantically eclectic, but Savoldelli’s methods of layering and juxtaposition provide a stylistic unity even as he draws on disparate genres. For his first-ever New York appearance, he’s joined by the equally versatile multi-instrumentalist Elliott Sharp.

There are many other options, but this is the narrowed list. The book stuff is all free, but I've been into acapella type things lately so I thought the music act sounded interesting. Vote for your favorite and I'll bring back a report.


  1. I wanna know why frat boys are going to end the universe...

  2. Pheasants Eye Productions releases new film:
    “Elliott Sharp: Doing the don’t”

    This film explores how a seventeen-year-old developed from
    A National Science Foundation award-winning “science geek”
    to an internationally acclaimed musician conductor and composer.


    Filmed In Italy at the Venice Biennale of 2007, Elliott Sharp conducts the
    premiere performance of his specially commissioned opera “Em/Pyre”.

    In Beijing, he performs and improvises at a rock music club with Chinese
    classical musicians.

    In New York, he conducts Orchestra Carbon performing “Quarks Swim Free”, inspired by
    the moment just after the Big Bang.

    An acclaimed guitar soloist, saxophonist, and bass clarinetist, watch Sharp
    in recording studios as he directs both the renowned Sirius String Quartet
    and his acclaimed blues band “Terraplane”.

    Hear artists and writers speak about this remarkable musician and his

    See rare archival footage of Sharp performing at The Brooklyn Academy of
    Music in 1987 with his orchestra, playing his remarkable double-neck guitar.

    Additional features: In “Sharp on Sharp”, an interview with Frank J. Oteri,
    he talks frankly about the music industry, and the widespread influence of
    music. “Slabs, Plantars, Violinoids”, traces the development of his early
    hand-made instruments, developed to create the uniquely special sounds he sought for his

    Total DVD running time of 2 hours and 15 minutes including a BONUS of over 80 minutes of
    audio recordings of live performances in Beijing, Padua and NYC
    Produced and directed by Bert Shapiro. Pheasants Eye Productions.

  3. My vote would be for Kimmel, but that's only because I haven't read the book. I'm not terribly impressed with Carr from the interviews I've seen, though I admit I haven't read that book either. The musical stuff will probably be the most entertaining.

    We, your loyal readers, need to invest in a device that allows you to blog whilst being out on the town =)


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